A Rwandan breakfast adventure

Rwanda grows some of the best coffee in the world. The bourbon arabica bean is indigenous to the many lush green hills of the country, and coffee has been the country’s main export product for a very long time. Moving from producing low quality bulk coffee to upmarket gourmet beans in the last few years, Rwanda has become the new ‘it’ country of international coffee. It even has it’s own version of Starbucks, Bourbon Coffee, with outlets in the US. Rwandans themselves don’t tend to drink coffee though, but are generally tea drinkers (another great export from the country). So sadly, you can’t expect to be served fabulous coffee in Rwandan restaurants. Instead, many offer only instant coffee and often so weak you could mistake it for tea. At least this was my experience at breakfast in Butare recently.

Coffee as served.
Coffee after asking for a little more instant coffee.
The omelette was great.
Breakfast joy of my Rwandan colleague Eric.

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